The Only Zombie Halloween Makeup Tutorial You Need to Watch

Augusta Falletta

Everyone loves a pretty Halloween costume — princess, fairy, cat — but what we really covet is some good old fashioned scary Halloween looks. Namely, we’re especially interested in zombie makeup. It’s an easy enough way to completely get your face into character without having the skills of a pro makeup artist, plus it gives you one of the scariest Halloween costumes at a party.

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If you’re inclined to go the scary makeup route this Halloween, you’re in luck. In the video above, you can learn exactly how to get the zombie look for Halloween with senior makeup artist Fatima Thomas with MAC Cosmetics and O&M creative director Janelle Chaplin. Grab your supplies and some tattered clothing, and prepare to freak out all of your friends!

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Products Used: 
O&M Surf Bomb
O&M Frizzy Logic
MAC Cosmetics Duo Lash Adhesive
MAC Cosmetics Foundation in Blue
Purple, Red, Black Shadow Colors
Burgundy Eyeliner
Blue Eyeliner
Red Lip Gloss
Fake Blood, Ricky’s NYC

Janelle Chaplin, Original & Mineral
Fatima Thomas, MAC Cosmetics
Katie Clementi, Model
Rare Icons, Video Production