Zombie Boy Gets Official Spokesperson Job with Dermablend

Augusta Falletta

If you had any semblance of a pulse on the Internet back in October, you’re familiar with the “Go Beyond the Cover” Dermablend video. For anyone confused by the previous sentence, Dermablend, the #1 Dermatologist recommended coverage brand, put out a video demonstrating their Leg and Body Cover and Tattoo Primer on Rick Genest, famously known as “Zombie Boy” for his impeccably haunting head-to-toe skeletal tattoos. The video went viral and boasts over 15 million views (watch below if we’ve piqued your interest).

After the tremendous success of the video, Dermablend has announced that Zombie Boy will be their new spokesperson, the first male to ever hold this position. There is no better example of a person who is perfect for this job, and who can be such a great example of how the Dermablend Leg and Body Cover and Tattoo Primer can work wonders on skin. We love this marriage, mostly because we could watch the “Go Beyond the Cover” video on loop for at least an hour, but also because of the whole “zombie apocalypse” thing happening in the world right now.


Image via Ad Week