Zendaya and Victoria Beckham Know the Power of a Multi-Use Beauty Product

Zendaya and Victoria Beckham Know the Power of a Multi-Use Beauty Product
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Everyone’s beauty routine is unique, but celebrity makeup secrets are still our guilty pleasure. With glam squads and the newest products at their fingertips, how could we not at least consider their solicited advice? This week, Zendaya and Victoria Beckham are dropping some serious gems and we can’t help but notice just how easy they are to copy.

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Zendaya was just one year old when Victoria Beckham was catapulted to superstardom with the Spice Girls, yet the two share more in common than ever before. Besides their respective fashion lines (Daya by Zendaya, Victoria Beckham) and makeup collaborations (Zendaya for CoverGirl, Beckham for Estee Lauder), both have established themselves as beauty icons with plenty of advice to boot. For instance, although glam squads keep them red carpet-ready, like us, they can still appreciate a product that does more than one thing.

While detailing her beauty routine with “Into the Gloss,” Beckham credited Estee Lauder’s Aura Gloss with simplifying her routine, as well as the dewy makeup look models wore in her Spring 2018 runway show.

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“In the show this season, I put it on the lips and on the top of the cheeks of all the models. I also used it on the eyelids to give it a sort of editorial, wet look,” she shared. “It’s really nourishing, moisturizing, and I like how I can apply my lip liner once I’ve got that on.

She also uses the brand’s Morning Aura , a moisturizer and primer, on the top of her cheeks, eyelids, down the center of the nose, and bow of the lip to capture that straight off the runway look without the extra leg work.

Zendaya’s secret weapon, the CoverGirl Oh Sugar Lip Balm, is used in a similar way to create a natural tint on her lips and cheeks. She revealed this and more in a recent interview with W Magazine, where she also debunked the myth that water cures every skin concern.

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“It’s good for you no doubt, but it will not make all your blemishes disappear overnight, especially for those with problem skin.”

While Beckham’s product recommendations are on the pricier side ($45 and $95), Zendaya’s go-to CoverGirl balm is just $8. The moral of the story is there are plenty of multi-use options, both luxe and budget-friendly, when it comes to applying a makeup look that will deliver a healthy glow in seconds. Take your pick!