Zendaya Tried Blonde Highlights Out of “Boredom” and We Love Them

Elizabeth Denton
Zendaya Tried Blonde Highlights Out of “Boredom” and We Love Them
Photo: AP.

Both celebrities and us regular folks are trying some creative new looks during this work-from-home, quarantine time, mostly out of, well, boredom. That’s why Zendaya got blonde highlights, too. The Euphoria actress showed off her new hair while doing her civic duty and voting in Los Angeles. To be honest, you can barely see the new highlights but eagle-eyed fans spotted the chunky blonde pieces and asked for a closer look.

“We need a pic of the hair sis! Im tryna see the full look!” wrote one fan on Instagram. We couldn’t have “liked” the comment faster. If you look closely, you can see the ‘2000s-style blonde highlights on the side of her half-up hairstyle. Although she experiments with killer wigs, Zendaya doesn’t often dye her natural hair so it’s a small—but major—change for the star.

In case you thought we were imagining things, Zendaya herself confirmed the highlights on Twitter. “Just a couple pieces on the side, I was bored lol,” she wrote.

Zendaya looks great with her new chunky highlights, which is a trend that’s coming back around after being huge in the early aughts. But when you were an actual baby during the time (Zendaya is only 24 years old), you didn’t try the trend the first time. Whether money piece highlights, chunky pieces or just tons of dimension, the “natural” highlights of late are taking a back seat to bolder ones.

You don’t have to be in your 20s to try the trend. Even if you rocked it the first time 2003, Jessica Simple style, you can still go for a modern take on the look like Zendaya did with just a few bright pieces.

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