Zara’s Launching a Line of Lipsticks, and Here’s What We Know

Christina Petruzzi
Zara’s Launching a Line of Lipsticks, and Here’s What We Know

Get ready to add a chic new tube of lipstick to your next purchase at Zara because they’re launching 12 new shades tomorrow (December 5).

Zara is not only a place where you can shop for some those staple fashion pieces, like blouses, coats and boots. Now, their beauty section is shaping up to be a viable contender for your hard-earned dollars. Needless to say, we can’t wait.

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According to PopSugar (where you can also see photos of the new product), the formula of these new “Ultimatte” lipsticks are next-level just like the packaging. Honestly, we expected nothing less. Each matte black tube includes a magnetic closure for avoiding purse spillage, as well as the signature Zara logo and some sort of illustration.

The range will include some audacious shades like deep plum, brown, crimson and bright orange. And according to the packaging, all of them are described as “lightweight” and “highly pigmented.”

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But the retailer isn’t stopping there. They’ll also be expanding their cosmetics range with a liquid lipstick ($10) and lip trio ($26), which includes a lip liner, Ultimatte Lipstick and Hi Matte Liquid Lipstick. This next phase of the launch is said to be available the following week. A fashion brand like Zara launching a line of cosmetics may cause some resistance or skepticism, considering their main focus is fashion.

At the end of the day, we won’t know until we try it. However, the brand’s popularity is sure to spike some interest for those curious enough to see how they’ll hold up their reputation when it comes to quality. An affordable, seemingly pigmented, strong matte line of lipsticks seems to be almost too irresistible. We definitely don’t plan on missing out.