YSL Launches New Opium Scent, Draws The Starry Masses

YSL Launches New Opium Scent, Draws The Starry Masses
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Swap out the screaming kids on leashes for red carpet-ready celebs and you might have been fooled into thinking a luxe form of Disney World had relocated to a NYC warehouse last night specifically, to the YSL fragrance launch party for their newest scent Belle D’Opium. Upon arrival to the event, guests were guided through “The Experience,” which included a room with a rotating platform and a sexy (in dramatic perfume commercial style) film of Mlanie Thierry while the new fragrance piped through air vents. Guests including Derek Blasberg and Byrdie Bell got in on the ride (and perhaps smelled like Belle D’Opium all night?).

The entertainment didn’t stop there. On the main floor, a guy juggled onstage in a unitard and tarot cards were apparently being read (although we couldn’t track down the supposed fortune predictor). Upstairs was decidedly more clubbish: Alexa Chung and Alexandra Richards did some head banging behind the DJ booth while Jeremy Scott and Ashley Olsen chatted with the pretty crowd. Maggie Gyllenhaal also made the rounds in a fuschia strapless sweetheart dress.

But perhaps the most random occurrence was The City crew, Whitney Port and her sidekick Sammy and about 10 guys with clipboards, veritably took up a whole swath of prime party space for a filming session. Even Alexa Chung took a split second away from her head banging to mouth from above “What is going on down there?”

But back to, um, reality. Katie Lee Joel, despite the starry antics of the night, was in full summer mode. “I’m in the Hamptons all summer,” she chatted. “I’m working on a new book, so I’m trying to focus on that and hanging out at the beach lots of surfing.” Sounds like our idea of a summer weekend.

To check out more on the YSL Belle D’Opium experience, check out whatisyouropium.com a site created for the fragrance launch that tracked the making of the party and will provide a community aspect for YSL consumers.

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Alexa Chung and Alexandra Richards played DJs for the night.

Katie Lee

M.I.A. and friend

Alexis Bledel

Ashley Olsen

Maggie Gyllenhaal and Ashley Olsen

Whitney Port

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