YouTube Haul Videos: What Goes on Behind-the-Scenes in Beauty

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Welcome to Vlogger Month on Beauty High! For the month of July, we’ll be featuring some of our favorite vloggers on the site, and finding out exactly how they do what they do. You’ll see the fun tutorial videos you know and love, get the behind-the-scenes of a vlogger set-up and you can look forward to exclusive interviews with the ladies you love the best.

For anyone who may be unfamiliar with a haul video on YouTube, let us explain. Typically done by vloggers in the beauty and fashion realm, haul videos happen right after the vlogger goes shopping and comes back with a slew of products. The products tend to fall into a main theme — anything from “Under $10” to “Back to School” — and the video features the vlogger going through each product, whether it be a mascara or a nail polish, with initial reactions, comments, and reviews. While they can last anywhere from five to thirty minutes, haul videos consistently get millions of views and comments, if they’re done right.

One of the best haul video vloggers in the game is Nicole Guerriero (NGuerriero19 for those of you who are fans). Because we were curious about what actually goes into the making of the ridiculously popular haul videos, we talked with Nicole and got the inside scoop. Read on below!

Beauty High: How long does it take you to shoot and edit a haul video? How many cameras do you use?
Nicole Guerriero: If shopping is done on the day of filming that is an hour. To set up my camera and lights is about 30 minutes. Then I have to get ready before filming and that about an hour. Then filming the haul video takes about 2-4 hours and last I have to edit the video. Editing can take anywhere from 2-3 hours, not including upload time. Altogether, it can take up to eight hours for one video.

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How do you decide which products will be included in the haul video?
IMPULSE! I also gravitate toward new products and cute packaging.

When you choose the products, are they typically ones you’ve tried in the past or are they brand new to you?
Hauls are usually always brand new products.

How do you handle products that you don’t like? Are you honey about disappointing products or do you simply leave them out of the video?
If I don’t like it I leave it out. Not everyone has the same opinion on products and I don’t want to bash something someone else really likes. But if it’s something really horrible, of course I’ll let you know!

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Do you ever return the products after he haul video if you aren’t satisfied?
No, I give them away.

Whats the most you’d ever spend on a product?
I splurge on skin care. The most expensive products I’ve purchased is Perricone MD Plasma, which costs $95.00.

Below, you can watch one of Nicole’s most popular haul videos.

To watch Nicole on YouTube, head over to her channel!