YouTube Beauty Gurus: The Makeup-Obsessed Channels To Check Out Now


YouTube beauty star, Michelle Phan

You could say a movement has taken over YouTube normal, everyday people are posting their take on makeup application, skin care, hair styling and products that can help the rest of us out. Check out some of the rising stars with some serious followings and let us know what you think in the comments!


With over 190 million overall video views, Michelle Phan is by far the biggest YouTube beauty guru. How big you ask? Lancme recently hired her as their online spokesperson and she offered her talents at fashion week to Chris Benz in 2009 and Michael Kors in 2010. From how to achieve Lady Gaga’s music video look to how to wear makeup under glasses each of her videos garners approximately one million views! And, of course, she does it all with her trademark toothless smile, text subtitles and her soft, soothing voice.


Although not as big as our superstar Michelle Phan, Kandee Johnson makes up for her relatively smaller following with her hyper enthusiastic presence. Always excited to be offering her knowledge, Kandee Johnson covers everything from hair, makeup, and skincare to ’80s t-shirt cutting.


Blair Fowler, or juicystar07, is a 16-year old YouTube smash hit. With about 70 million video views, Miss Fowler is quite the phenomenon amongst teenage high school mall dwellers. Not only does Fowler cover hair, makeup and skincare, but she does the ever exciting haul videos, in which she shares her fashion wisdom by showcasing the contents of her bag or her recent purchases at Forever 21 (who just so happens to sponsor her). Lesson here? JuicyStar07 is a marketing dream.


As if Blair Fowler (above) didnt take a big enough chunk of the teenage attention span, her older and blonder sister allthatglitters21, or Elle Fowler, is also a big YouTube sensation (and together they will take over the world). Following in her sisters footsteps, Elle covers the same topics with a little more self-control over her likes and ums but she’s just asknowledgeableas her younger counterpart.


With cheekbones and a complexion that most women would die for, Josh is the go-to guy for crazy, night-on-the-town makeup. If youre looking for a fun way to switch up your beauty routine, Josh has got some great tips, especially since he comes from a drag background, which we know is all about the drama. His adventurous palettes and combinations can be a little daunting, but his instruction is relatively simple that is, until you venture upon his costume makeup tutorials. Want to really make a splash for Halloween? Be sure to check out Petriludes Unzipped Makeup Tutorial in which he places a zipper under his eye to make it look like he slowly unzipped his cheek to reveal an open bloody wound now thats what we call makeup artistry!

On Samantha and Nicola offer their makeup advice on a wide spectrum of beauty topics. Their website allows you to browse categories like makeup Basics or runway makeup Trends, which lead you to their YouTube instructional videos. The charming British duo has a great beauty aesthetic that will have you looking your best after following their easy-to-follow instructions.


Bubzbeauty is giving us Michelle Phan vibes with her calm and girly voice, but unlike her competitor she vlogs without the name brands or obvious product placement. Bubz covers everything from hair, makeup, skin care, and nails to fashion and even has her own line of t-shirts that she sells on her website. While the YouTube star goes by Lindy Tsang in the real world, we couldnt help but notice her uncanny resemblance to an anime character: the voice, the hair could it help explain her popularity?


Itsjudytime keeps it basic, sticking to hair and makeup to appease her devoted followers. Her strength? Judy gives amazing beauty tips on dealing with makeup and hair woes. On her YouTube channel, you’ll learn how to get waves with a flat iron, pile your strands in an updo or even get Megan Foxs sultry look. Judy is big on hairstyles, so if youre dying to get Kim Kardashians curls or find out how to fake bangs without taking scissors to your hair, her channel is a great place to start!


This fun-loving beauty disciple really loves to shop. And she really loves makeup. Plus, she’s just moved to London, which provides the perfectopportunityfor her to check out the new overseas trends and share them with us. She’s got a great eye for cute makeup trends and focuses on celebrity hair and beauty to lend her audience the best tips possible to achieve her coveted looks!


When Lauren Luke started her YouTube account three years ago with her first makeup tutorial, we doubt she knew what an online phenomenon she would become. Today, Lauren has upwards of 83 million views, which can only explain the recent launch of her very own makeup line, By Lauren Luke. Every single one of her videos offers viewers simple instructions on how to get a coveted professional look, and like many other YouTube stars, Luke gets the biggest hits on videos that mimic makeup looks from stars. If you’re still dying to know how Britney’s makeup was done in the “I’m a Slave 4 U” music video, don’t worry Luke will get you ready to tame your next snake in no time.


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