Your Ultimate Guide to Hot Rollers

Brett Hill

Looking to create a soft and romantic wedding hairstyle? Hot rollers are definitely the way to go. These classic styling tools have come a long way since the days you watched your mom walk around the house with a head full of pink rollers. “Hot rollers are perfect for bridal hair because they ensure hold and create gorgeous, shiny curls,” says Christine Symonds, a celebrity stylist at Warren-Tricomi’s L.A.
salon and Lauren Conrad‘s go-to hair girl.

Here’s what to consider when shopping for a new set of hot rollers:

Hot Rollers

Creating soft and romantic curls is easy
when you use hot rollers.

1) What type of roller finish do you want? There are two main types of roller textures: ribbed and flocked. Ribbed is the more traditional style, and one that “more people prefer because they slip out of the hair easier when it’s time to remove them,” says Sally Beauty‘s Corporate Communications Director Jan Roberts. Flocked rollers “have a velvety coating which grabs the hair and holds the curler in place,” says Roberts. They are good for creating larger curls.

2) What type of heating technology do you want?
– Sponge rollers use steam so they heat up fast and give you shiny curls in about 10 minutes. Roberts likes Caruso Professional ProSet Steam Hairsetter.
– Ceramic infused rollers feature a ceramic core that produce ions and far-infrared heat to lock in the style and seal the cuticle, creating shine and eliminating frizzing. This type is great for damaged hair. Try Babyliss Instant Heat 12 Roller Ceramic Hair Setter.
– Wax core rollers feature wax in the roller to hold the heat longer and make the curl stronger, which is ideal for curl-resistant hair types. Try Helen of Troy Hot Shot Tools Ionic Hairsetter.

3) What size of rollers do you need? If you want to create consistent curls all over, look for a set that has all the same size rollers. For a more versatile style, choose one with a variety of sizes.

4) What heat setting should you use? Roberts advises paying attention to the heat setting on your rollers. “Fine or thin hair needs less heat and coarse or thick hair needs more heat,” she says.

Once you’ve found the right rollers for your needs, heed this styling advice:  “When setting hair, make sure it’s set in a direction that is away from the face, then spray each section with a light hairspray to hold,” says Symonds. “Once cooled, take out rollers and lightly comb fingers through your hair.”

For a soft and ethereal updo, Symonds recommends pinning up all your hair into a loose bun at the nape of your neck, leaving a few strands to fall naturally. For a romantically loose hairstyle, use different size curlers and alternate every other curl to create a more organic, natural texture.

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