Your Guide To False Eyelashes

Angelica Di Guglielmo
false eyelashes


Most of us dream of having long, full, thick lashes. And while the majority of us weren’t blessed with them naturally, we can still fake it with a little help from some friends called false lashes. But with new lash companies cropping up left and right, finding the perfect lash seems almost impossible. On top of that, there are so many different kinds to choose from–mink, synthetic, natural. So, how do you know which one is the best pick for you? While the choices may seem overwhelming, choosing the right false lash is easier than you think. The main thing you need to know is what look you’re going for and how comfortable you are with applying them. We’ve put together a small guide going through all the different types of false lashes you can choose from, so you’ll know exactly what to get next time you’re shopping for a pair.

Human hair
Many affordable, good quality lashes that you find at your local drugstore or beauty supply store are made with human hair. These lashes tend to have thin bands and are extremely easy to apply and comfortable to wear. Since they are made from human hair, they look very natural, but can still create a super dramatic effect. With these types of lashes, you can usually only get 3 or 4 wears out of them before they start to look wonky. But at such an affordable price, these are the perfect types of lashes to buy in bulk if you’re a lash-a-holic, or to just try out if you’re a newbie.

Synthetic hair
Many affordable lashes are also made from synthetic hair. Sometimes you’ll find human hair lashes mixed with synthetic fibers, often on more dramatic styles to create a more sturdy shape. Other times, you’ll find a complete strip of synthetic hair lashes. These lashes tend to be a bit harder to work with–the lash band is usually thick and not as flexible as a standard, human hair lash band. Synthetic hair lashes tend to look less natural, but are still great for adding some drama to your look. Similar to natural hair lashes, they can be reused up to 5 times.

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Mink hair
Mink hair lashes are definitely the most luxurious lashes on the market. They create the most soft, fluffy, yet dramatic effect to the eyes. Mink lashes come in an array of styles, from light and natural to full on glam. While they usually start at around $25 a pair, they can be reused 25 to 30 times! If you can’t leave the house without your lashes on, minks are definitely worth the buy.

Individual lashes
If you want the most natural look possible, or if maybe you just hate fighting with strip lashes, individual lashes are the way to go. Individual lashes usually come in a variety of lengths as single lashes or tiny clusters of 3. They can be placed anywhere you want on the lash line–so you’re basically creating your own custom false lash shape. How cool is that? Applying them takes a bit of practice, but once you get the hang of it, you can’t even tell they’re there!

Bottom lashes
Unfortunately, some of us were cursed with non-existent lower lashes. And that’s okay! Because now false bottom lashes exist and our lives are changed forever. False bottom lashes come on a clear band and are applied underneath your lower lashes to give them a longer, fuller, yet still natural, appearance. So you can forget clumping on mascara.