Yeah, I’m in Denial…So?


As a result of my obsession with beauty products, I’d rather spend my days at Sephora, googly – eyed and trying everything possible to have perfect skin…than well, pretty much anything else in my life. So one day, I decided to partake in my favorite pastime at Sephora, when the store was receiving a gigantic shipment of … something.

Turns out, they were receiving the newly launched Youth Surge SPF 15 Decelerating Moisturizer (Isn’t it a mouthful?). I was in my Willy Wonka world…and of course, I couldn’t resist. I HAD TO TRY IT!! The cream delivers a new technology, sirtuin, which releases ingredients to extend the youth in your skin. It rebuilds your skin from the radical agents that age your skin by breaking down collagen and elastin by making them stronger. Just slather it on your face and neck morning and night and cute boys won’t have to know that you’re stressed half the time, barely get any sleep (*weep), and still have to show your ID to prove you’re 21 (not that I’m speaking from experience…).

Keeping to the Clinique philosophy, it retails at around $50, including tax, so it’s a little pleasure you and I can afford in this monstrosity of an economy. And they’re really serious about the moisturizer’s capabilities, they made a mini–site dedicated to it. So really, you can have your cake and eat it too, because you have a little more money in your wallet to buy a cupcake…or two…or – Oooh! – maybe that mascara over there

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