Yara Shahidi’s Skin Is Glowing to the Max in This Makeup-Free Selfie

Yara Shahidi
Photo: Getty Images

With summer officially here, more and more celebrities are ditching their heavy foundations and choosing to go makeup-free for the sake of their skin and sanity. (Nobody wants to look sweaty and cakey on a 90-plus-degree day.) So far, we’ve seen stars, from Emmy Rossum to Brooklyn Decker, strip their faces and show off their glowing skin in front of their millions of Instagram followers. And though the complexions of these ladies are impressive, they hold no candle to the Queen of Glow, Yara Shahidi.

On Thursday, the 18-year-old actress took to her Instagram to share a casual makeup-free selfie. However, the picture wasn’t ordinary at all: With yellow flowers in her hair and a smize that would make Tyra Banks proud, the “Grown-ish” star flaunted her glowing skin like no one’s business. You haven’t seen dewy until you’ve seen Shahidi’s skin, which looked soft, smooth, and freshly moisturized.

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Aside from a few sunflower emojis, Shahidi left the picture captioneless, but the message was loud and clear: Why wear makeup when you have skin like Yara Shahidi’s? Now, if you excuse us, we’re going to try to recreate the actress’s dewy look, with the hope of looking like Shahidi and not like a hot mess of oil.