50 Design Ideas for a Standout Wrist Tattoo

50 Design Ideas for a Standout Wrist Tattoo
Photo: Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images. Design: Allison Kahler/STYLECASTER.

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From blast-overs to hand-poking and blended styles, there’s a slew of trends dominating our Instagram feeds and tattoo parlors in 2019. And while placement is certainly all over the place, too, the wrist tattoo continues to be one of the most requested locations for fresh ink of any size. As of late, it feels as though everyone is opting for small, minimal designs on this part of the arm, but a quick Instagram search reveals quite the opposite.

Because although wrist ink has a reputation for being small and dainty, there are other ways to wear them. And we’ve got plenty of inspo to prove it. Want something small and delicate like a word or flower? It’s handled. Prefer to go big or go home with a mosaic of colors that start at the wrist and end at your fingertips or elbow, a la Rihanna? We’ve got that covered, too (literally and figuratively). In an era where individuality is the trend, there’s no better time than now to at least peruse ideas that you may or may not actually follow-through with.

As always, if you do take the plunge, be sure to research the best tattoo artists in your area, have a consultation, and most importantly, land on a look you feel comfortable with. Tattoo removal is more accessible than ever, but it’s still costly and time-consuming. In other words: ink with caution. Ahead, a slew of wrist ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

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