Would You Wear Lipstick By Snooki?

Iyana Robertson

ss snookie lipstick Would You Wear Lipstick By Snooki?If you have just been dying to rock a lip color inspired by a member of the Jersey Shore, it may be time to get “Snookilicious.”

The pint-sized reality star that you either love or love to hate, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, has just released a new lipstick with Ka’Oir Cosmetics. Her latest beauty venture since her self-titled fragrance, Snookilicious ($21.99), is a matte finish lipstick, showcasing the pale pink color that the MTV personality is often seen wearing between takes. But how many girls are looking to emulate Snooki’s makeup?

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While she has recently been under the radar as she awaits the birth of her child, Snooki hasn’t exactly received critical acclaim for her beauty choices. Her signature clipped-back poof and dark bronze tan have come under quite a bit of scrutiny, but that has not stopped her from venturing into the beauty product arena. Rumor has it that the mama-to-be is gearing up to release an entire line of cosmetics later this year. Perhaps if there are people who are willing to purchase fragrances by former castmates The Situation and Sammi, a makeup line by Snooki may also see some success.

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“I love the bright hue I was able to create,” Polizzi said. “I’m obsessed with makeup, so to have my own signature lipstick is a dream of mine!”

Is wearing a lipstick by Snooki a dream of yours? Tell us what you think.