Would You Rock A Frizzy ‘Fro For Fall 2011?

Would You Rock A Frizzy ‘Fro For Fall 2011?
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I’ve had crazy curly hair for my entire life, and for as long as I can remember I’ve been locked in an impossible battle against my frizz. Well, I might be changing my tune for fall, since everywhere I look there seems to be a stunning model with an unkempt ‘fro staring back at me. From Anja Rubik in the Fall 2011 Giuseppe Zanotti ad campaign to Raquel Zimmermann in the upcoming August 2011 issue of Vogue Paris, frizzy curls are shaping up to be the editorial hairstyle of the season.

Click through to see some recent examples of the trend. The girls look so gorgeous and effortlessly glam with the haphazard ‘do that I just might have to reconsider all of the care I take to control my wild curls. But then again, maybe not. Would you give it a try?