Would You Date A Man-Child?

Megan Segura

ss 40 year old virgin the 2005 1814 poster Would You Date A Man Child?Picture yourself on a first date with a great guy. He’s artistic, funny and you’re surprised that at 40-years-old he still hasn’t been snatched up. Then, he drops a bomb: He’s been living with his three college friends for the past 10 years. That’s the case with a group of men The New York Times recently profiled.

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These four men are living the lives of bachelors. But instead of going home every night to a swanky condo, they go to an apartment they share with three roommates–and there’s only one bathroom! Living situation aside, these are guys that have not progressed very far since their university days. Aside from one of the friends who works as a senior editor at VH1, they don’t really have their professional lives together. They choose creative over stable and fun over security. Even their relationships with women seem to lack true intimacy, since they’ve never lived with anyone outside their group.

Is a man that has lived his entire life like a college kid someone you could ever date? Forgetting their relationship history, if a man has never lived alone, doesn’t have much in savings and has always lived his life for the moment, can you trust him to be boyfriend/marriage material?