Worth It Or Not Worth It: Which Foundation You Should Spend On

Rachel Adler

As a beauty editor, I’ve tried and tested more products than one can count, but you can always tell a product stands up to its cred when you go back to it time and time again. In this series, we compare luxury items versus lower priced beauty products and let you know what we really think.

Flawless skin is the basis of every look, which is why we spend so much time perfecting our entire skin care routine. If you do happen to have a couple of blemishes or a bit of redness, you need to know that you have a foundation that you can rely on. For this round of Worth It Or Not Worth It, we’re comparing an affordable Clinique foundation with its luxurious Dolce & Gabbana counterpart.

The Battle:
Starting off, we’re clearly discussing foundation, namely Clinique Perfectly Real Foundation vs. Dolce and Gabbana Perfect Finish Creamy Foundation.

The Basics:
The Clinique Perfectly Real foundation is oil-free (great for someone with combination skin, like me) and is meant to provide you with lightweight and even coverage. This product not only goes on smoothly, but it is also moderate-coverage and light enough so my skin never feels like it is caked in makeup, even if I have a day where some hiding needs to happen. There are also 25 shades to choose from to give you a wide variety of skin-matching options.

On the other hand, Dolce and Gabbana’s Perfect Finish Creamy Foundation goes on a bit thick – too thick for my liking. Plus, with only 13 shades to choose from you have to either hope that you’ll be a match, or end up buying two of these $66 jars and do a bit of color-coordinating to get the look you want.

The Winner:
All in all, I have been a faithful consumer of Clinique’s Perfectly Real for years and at $24 a bottle I definitely think it is “Worth It.”

(Luckily, I found just what I was looking for way back in middle school, and have been pretty loyal ever since.)

Let us know in the comments section below if you have tried either product (or if you’re in love with another foundation) and what your experiences have been!