Celebrities’ Worst Movie Makeovers

Megan Segura
Celebrities’ Worst Movie Makeovers
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Sure, Charlize is gorgeous, but what if you take away the glowing skin, the nice teeth and beautiful makeup?

DIY Recipes for Hair Masks

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No wonder Charlize won an Oscar for her role in Monster.

Hairstyles That Hide Split Ends

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If you've ever wondered what it would take to make Nicole Kidman not look gorgeous, you're about to find out.

Top 15 Blonde Hairstyles

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A simple nose prosthetic, brown hair, and no makeup totally transformed Nicole Kidman in The Hours.

Hair Mistakes That Make You Look Older

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Gwyneth has such a natural beauty, so it's hard to believe she could ever look bad.

Celebrities Who Regret Cutting Their Hair

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It's crazy to see how Gwyneth's features are totally lost when makeup artists add on a couple hundred pounds to her for Shallow Hal.

How to Wear Your Hair for the Rest of Summer

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As the owner of Flower Beauty, Drew knows a little something about makeup, which is why it's hard to watch this particular movie...

How to Return to Your Natural Hair Color

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Throughout Never Been Kissed, Drew looks pretty bad (until the end that is), but her character's attempt at looking cool in a white feather top takes the bad movie makeover cake.

How to Supersize Your Hair

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Cameron's normal look compared to her bad movie makeover is like night and day.

How Much Hair Loss is Normal?

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Yikes! A frizzy wig, brown contacts and expertly done movie makeup by Gucci Westman made Cameron nearly unrecognizable in Being John Malkovich.

Top 10 Straight Hairstyles

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The actress shaved her head and lost a ton of weight for Les Misrables, but that wasn't her worst movie makeover...

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair? We Asked the Experts

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One of the funniest makeovers is Anne's transformation from nerdy to princess chic in The Princess Diaries, but the actress herself went through a major makeunder for the first half of the film.

6 MacGyver Tricks for Hairspray

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Melissa's hair and makeup are simple enough, but when you take them away, the star looks completely different.

Move Over Dry Shampoo! Dry Conditioner is Here

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With makeup gone and hair tied back, the actress looks believable as a tomboy in Bridesmaids.

Easy Day-to-Night Hair Ideas

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As the poster girl of good hair, Jennifer Aniston is able to go through a huge transformation just by changing her hair for a movie role.

Humidity-Proof Hairstyles

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If you've ever underestimated the power of a bad hairstyle, then look at this makeunder from the movie Anger Management.

Jennifer Anistons Worst Movie Makeovers

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