The World Cup Has Actual Sex Rules: See Them Here

Kristen Bousquet

For soccer players and soccer fans alike, the World Cup is the big event. For months and months, players train for these games to determine whether they are one of the best teams in the world (or not). While 24/7 gym time, making plays and training may seen like the most hardcore things these players have to do pre-World Cup game, that may not be the case for some players—some have to follow a pretty strict roster of sex rules.

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According to Quartz, some countries like the United States, Spain, Germany and more don’t have a set rule saying that they aren’t allowed to get busy before any big games, but other countries aren’t so lax. In places like Russia, Chile, Mexico and Bosnia and Herzegovina, players are actually banned from getting it on pre-game.

For some countries the rules are less cut-and-dry. Costa Rica states that its players are not allowed to have sex until they’re either eliminated from the competition or have reached the second round. while France gets into detail stating that their players decide the rules depending on the frequency, type and timing of intimacy. Brazil, who is hosting the event, can totally get it on, but it can’t be “acrobatic.”

Sex can obviously be a distraction, so this makes sense, and most players take the rules pretty seriously—the ones in countries where pre-game sex is banned reportedly travel without their significant others in Brazil for the competition.

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What do you think of the World Cup sex rules? Too harsh or totally acceptable?