A Workout Fit for the Circus


If growing up to be in the circus or fly on the trapeze was ever your life goal, Reebok and Cirque du Soleil have come together to make that dream come true, all the while getting you fit and healthy.

Hoping to make fitness fun for women, Reebok and Cirque Du Soleil have partnered to create JUKARI Fit to Fly, a workout designed to invigorate the usual (and often boring) gym routine. Accessible to all women, regardless of fitness levels, the hour-long class is taught by a trained instructor who guides up to 12 people through a series of moves each used by artists in Cirque du Soleil.
Relying on the custom made FlySet (a durable three-stranded rope affixed to the ceiling with two attachment loops to hold the FlyBar, a 4.5 pound steel bar) JUKARI Fit to Fly gives you the sensation of flying all the while strengthening and lengthening the body through cardio, strength, balance, and core training.

I tried it at NYC’s Equinox 19th Street (where it is being offered exclusively in N.Y.) and highly recommend it as an addition to any workout routine. The emphasis on explosive movements is very different than the cardio and strength training the majority of us usually do at the gym. (The class is also launching in other top gyms around the world including in Hong Kong, Mexico City, Madrid, London, Krakow, Munich, Seoul, Kuala Lampur, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Montreal, and Los Angeles.)

More into just looking like a Fit to Fly kinda-gal? Well, to compliment JUKARI Fit to Fly, Reebok has created two lines of women’s fitness apparel and footwear, which can be worn for a range of fitness disciplines including, but not limited to, JUKARI Fit to Fly (or just walking around town in. We’re not judging). At the very least you’ll look futuristically fashionable and fit.