15 Terms Only Beauty Junkies Know

Augusta Falletta

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beauty junkies

In the past few weeks alone, we’ve tested out sombre hair, sheet masks, and tightlining. On a regular basis, we go no poo. We exfoliate with a konjac sponge and we’re always on the hunt for some negative space nail art.

If the last few sentences made perfect sense to you, there’s a good chance you’re a beauty junkie. Welcome to the club! We’ll be the first to admit we’re obsessed with every product, technique, and trend we come into contact with. After countless experiments, testing out products and creating mood boards for makeup looks, we’ve become bonafide junkies, and we’re proud of it.

Those who are beauty-obsessed and know it have a certain set of knowledge that most of the world just doesn’t get. From knowing the difference between a waterfall and a Dutch braid to being able to walk into a salon asking for a bronde color, beauty junkies have a set of vocabulary that’s unique. Want to test your knowledge? Below are 15 terms only beauty junkies know. Do you know all 15?

sombre 15 Terms Only Beauty Junkies Know

What started out as the ombré hair color, or brunettes going blonde from the mid-lengths of their hair to the tips, turned into what’s now called sombré. A more subtle version of the gradation from dark to light hair color, ladies who want hair color that looks like it’s been naturally kissed by the sun can go for the sombré look.

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tightlining 15 Terms Only Beauty Junkies Know

Typically, eyeliner is applied to the upper and/or lower lash line, but with tightlining, eyes look bigger and makeup looks more natural. Whether you use a thin eyeliner brush and gel liner or a traditional waterproof pencil, line the inside of your upper lash line, then apply mascara to blend the lash roots with the liner. The technique takes some practice, but your eyes will pop.

long bob haircut

After a few seemingly endless seasons of long hair worship, ladies everywhere from the red carpet to the runway started chopping off their length and ditching their extensions in favor of a short, chic haircut. The “lob,” or long bob, practically blew up on Pinterest, becoming the hairstyle that everyone wanted — and the hairstyle that looks good on just about every woman.

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negative space nails

Once the nail art boom began, it became clear that it would stick around for quite some time. Negative nail art, which incorporates nude nail space into the design, is on the rise. Besides being one of the easiest looks to DIY, negative space nail art also looks cutting edge, so we call it a win-win.

waterfall braid

To the untrained eye, a waterfall braid looks like the pretty image that’s all over Pinterest, but beauty junkies know the real skill required to actually create a waterfall braid. The technique for the braid is to drop one section and pick up a new one as you go, and if you know how to do a waterfall braid on yourself, you’ll instantly have a leg up on everyone else’s braiding skills.

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konjac sponge

Konjac has been a main ingredient in Japanese beauty products, but when the konjac sponge was recently released in the U.S., the beauty world went nuts. The small, often egg-shaped sponges can be used for cleansing and exfoliating the skin, either with or without the use of product. Either way, the surface of your face will feel completely refreshed with regular use.

floating eyeliner

A look that started on the runway at Fashion Week, floating eyeliner, or eyeliner that is applied higher up on the lid than the lash line, became one of the edgiest ways to wear liner. Seen at shows like Rag and Bone and Michael Kors, wearing floating eyeliner — whether it be the classic black or an electric pop of color — is the fastest way to up your cool factor.

dotting tool

Any girl obsessed with nail art has a dotting tool in her manicure kit. With this small detailing utensil, you can create any kind of intricate nail art from a polka dot to a geometric pattern.

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no poo

If you haven’t heard of “no poo” yet, listen up. Going “no poo” means giving up traditional shampoo in favor of using baking soda or other natural ingredients to cleanse and balance your scalp. Shampoo can strip your hair and scalp of the natural oils it produces, swapping out shampoo in favor of baking soda every other day (and sometimes even less frequently) can help balance your scalp, giving you healthier, stronger hair.

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sheet mask

Ladies who love a good at-home spa night are likely frequent sheet mask users, but if you haven’t gotten on board with the skin care trend yet, quit waiting around! Sheet masks typically come in individually wrapped packets with a sheet packed with product you can simply apply to your face. Follow the directions for the mask, which are usually left on for about 15-30 minutes.

reverse cat eye

The cat eye’s been around for decades, and after its revival in recent history, everyone’s creating a new take on the classic winged eyeliner look. One of the best change-ups we’ve seen? The reverse cat eye, where the eyeliner wing is extended through the inner corner of the eye instead of the outer corner.

sugaring 15 Terms Only Beauty Junkies Know

Ditch the razor in favor of sugaring, a hair removal technique similar to waxing, but with a few key differences. First, the sugaring paste is made up of sugar and all-natural ingredients. The paste is applied to the area where hair will be removed, and once the paste is dry, it’s removed in the opposite direction of hair growth. No strips, no paper, nothing but the paste is used to remove the hair.

blending the crease

No matter what kind of makeup you’re applying, the key to any good look is to blend, blend, blend. While you’re using eyeshadow (and especially when you’re applying a smokey eye) the trick is blending the crease, making for a seamless transition between each shadow color, which gives the best overall flow.

alphabet creams

BB creams may be as common as foundations these days, but real beauty junkies know the rest of the alphabet creams, too. From CC creams (for color correction) to DD creams (for defining and defending against the elements) to even EE creams (for even effects on skin tone), those of us who are fully tapped into the latest products know all about our alphabet creams.

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bronde 15 Terms Only Beauty Junkies Know

A term that’s become popular thanks to hair colorists, “bronde” is the perfect mix between brunette and blonde color. Whether you’re a brunette who wants to go lighter or a blonde looking to go darker, bronde is one of the prettiest colors you can choose.

We could probably go on for days with this one – do you have more beauty junkie terms to add to our list? Let us know in the comments below!