Women Spend On Average $164,000 On Makeup During Lifetime


With my own eyes, I have seen women walk into Sephora or a department store and not even flinch at the thought of spending $30+ on mascara or $22 on lip gloss, not to mention upwards of $50 on anti-aging products. If you think I’m exaggerating, a study that took place in the UK backs that up with 56 percent of women agreeing that they wouldn’t be bothered spending about $32 on designer mascara. The study completed by Bionsen also said that the average UK woman had 54 different products in her makeup drawer. They also added up the contents of their mobile makeup bags to around $213, which sadly may sound about right!

If you think that’s crazy, then get a load of this, when you break the numbers down a woman in her adult-life spends on average $65 per week on makeup. If that wasn’t outlandish enough, 57 percent of women claim they would “ditch” their guy rather than go without it. Makeup is taking over the world, one woman at a time.

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