Women are Driving the Growth of Social Media, New Report Says

Leah Bourne
168351283 Women are Driving the Growth of Social Media, New Report Says

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Quick: How many times today did you check Instagram, post to Facebook, scroll Twitter, and pin on Pinterest? We’re guessing quite a few because—according to a new report—women are driving the rapid growth of social media.

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According to research compiled by Finances Online, with data from PEW, Nielsen, and Burst Media, women are using social media more often, and in more ways, than men. Plus, most of the major platforms including Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter, have more women users than men.

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In particular, women are leading the growth of Pinterest. According to the report, 33 percent of female online adults are using Pinterest, compared to 8 percent of all men.

What’s particularly interesting from the research is the unique ways that women are using social media in comparison to men. Women are more likely to interact with brands, with more than half using social media to interact with their favorite labels, while less than half of men are using social media in the same way.

Females also prefer to get news via social media, with fifty-eight percent of women attesting to get their news fix from Facebook where just 43 percent of men saying they scroll through their Facebook news feed for this reason.

The one platform where men are ahead, however, is on the career-focused LinkedIn, where 24 percent of all adult men use the site compared to 19 percent of women.

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