Women Are Finally Starting to Pay Attention to the Dangers of Tanning

Augusta Falletta

It’s hard to remember a time when tanning wasn’t being talked about, whether it was women obsessing over the need to look sun kissed or medical professionals adamantly warning everyone about the dangers of overexposure to the sun. First it was the tanning salon boom, then it was the self-tanner and spray tan craze, and now it’s SPF-palooza. With all of the discussion about one of the biggest beauty-concern-turned-health-concerns, the fact that trends are just now starting to change is astonishing, yet comforting.

According to a new study from Mintel Beauty & Personal Care, the number of new US face care products offering UV protection in 2011 rose from 19 percent of total launches, which is a huge increase from 13 percent in 2008. Lucy Gillam, the director of the In-cosmetics international beauty event, says, “It seems that our pursuit to look and remain youthful has finally caught up with our obsession of having a tan.” The market for sunscreen in the East has been strong for much longer, and countries like China and South Korea are expected to have an even more robust growth in sun care by 2016.

With all of the horror stories of skin cancer, skin discoloration, and even botched spray tans, we’re thinking it would be a wise decision to take a tip from those Asian countries and lay off the tanning. Sure, having some color looks nice and all, but isn’t living longer and preserving your skin for the long haul more important? Think about this: going tanning or even going out in the sun without a strong enough SPF could cost you unmeasurable amounts of money in doctors appointments and treatments, not to mention regret years down the road for not treating your skin right. By simply using a self tanner, or (dare we say it?) keeping your porcelain complexion, you’re spending about $7 on a bottle of lotion and keeping your body protected and healthy for a long, happy life. Totally worth it, right?

What do you think? Are you saying goodbye to tanning salons and hello to SPF? Tell us in the comment section below.

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