Folks On TikTok Are Chopping Off Their Ponytails In Search Of The Perfect Shag

Elizabeth Denton
Folks On TikTok Are Chopping Off Their Ponytails In Search Of The Perfect Shag
Photo: AP Images.

All it takes is one experiment to turn out surprisingly well for TikTok to turn it into a trend. That’s what happened when one TikToker tried the wolf haircut trend by chopping inches of her high ponytail. Hundreds of folks took to the app to try it themselves to varying results, but most are pretty happy with the look. Call it the Miley Cyrus effect or the angsty music of Olivia Rodrigo. But all of a sudden, everyone has a mix of a shag and mullet thanks to the trend.

Here’s how it “works.” (Hint: it doesn’t always work.) Slick your hair into a high ponytail and cut off a few inches from the ends straight across. Then, take scissors (ideally, hair cutting ones but we’re seeing a lot of kitchen scissors!) and cut vertically into the ends of hair to give more texture and keep the ends from being too blunt. Of course, this also helps hide if you didn’t exactly cut in a straight line.

TikToker Florasandfaunas was one of the first (or the actual first) to chop her blonde ponytail to really great results. She already had some layers in her hair so this seemed to make them a bit shorter.  Others jumped in to create their own version.

Others, like TikToker Piparoni ran to the bathroom to try it, too. At first, she wasn’t sure about the results but after washing and styling it, well it turned out extremely cute.

The wolf haircut is shorter in the front and longer in the back (giving it a mullet vibe), as well as layered pieces throughout. Although it worked for some TikTokers, others posted some pretty choppy, uneven styles. They had to run to the salon to attempt to get it fixed, which probably ended up costing more money than if they just went to the salon to begin with. And often the fix is a much shorter cut than you wanted.

So, we can’t exactly recommend you try this at home because the likelihood of a disaster is just too high. Instead, take a celeb cut from someone like Debby Ryan, Miley Cyrus or Rihanna to your hairstylist to find the right wolf cut for you.

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