Within the Lines


One would think that as a beauty editor (i.e. someone obsessed with make-up), I should understand the basic concept of eye shadow. It’s not brain surgery. But every time I attempt the “smoky-eye” or to “highlight my brow bone” my eyelids resemble a Carroll Dunham print. The temptation is just too great and all of a sudden I have three different colors smudged and blended all over. That’s why I rely on Benefit’s gilded highlighting pencil. It works just like eyeliner but it’s big and fat so you get the illusion of a shadow.  It’s the best solution I’ve found to my wandering-eyeshadow-brush syndrome. The fact that it’s described as “tequila gold” makes me love it even more.

Gilded highlighting pencil, $20, benefitcosmetics.com

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