Engaged? 6 Reasons to Consider a Winter Wedding

When it comes to weddings, it’s pretty much a given that chilly months of winter aren’t the most desirable (that honor goes to June and September.) Indeed, spring and fall weddings are lovely, and summer weddings have their perks, but we think there’s something absolutely charming about saying your “I dos” with a gorgeous wintry backdrop.

Below, here are 6 reasons to consider a winter wedding.

winter wedding

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1. It’s going to cost less.
Since winter is a less desirable time for weddings, your services are going to be way cheaper. Most vendors are hungry for business between December and March, so you’ll be able to choose ones you really want and have more room to negotiate.

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2. You’ll need less planning time.
Less planning time is needed, because many venues and vendors have greater availability during slower months, and don’t book up nearly as fast as they do during peak wedding season.

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3. The backdrop will be gorgeous.
Sure, palm trees and the ocean are pretty, but —if you’re having a rustic winter wedding—there’s something downright geogeous about a snowy backdrop for photos. Same goes for a chic big-city wedding: There’s definitely an added glamour factor to places like hotels in the winter.

4. It gives your guests something to look forward to. 
All weddings are festive by nature, but those held in winter are always a little more so. Why? Because they’re a little more unique in the sense that most of us don’t have many to attend, so it’s a given that your guests will be looking forward to adding your nups to their likely vacant winter social calendars. Plus, winter isn’t prime travel season like summer, so odds are you’ll have everyone you want there.

5. Your hair will look amazing. 
Sounds superficial, but guess what? If you have hair that starts to look like Brillo pad at the slightest hint of moisture in the air, you’ll know what we mean. Every other season besides winter has a high chance of humidity. Score. And since we’re on the topic of beauty, you can have a little more with your makeup—deep red lips and flushed cheeks are gorgeous in the winter—without the worry of sweating too much.

6. You can be unique with your dress
A few seasons ago, J. Crew showcased long white silk skirts with stunning sleeveless mongolian fur vests, and it was enough to make us want to tie the knot in a climate where wearing it would make sense. Even if you’re into more traditional dresses, your options aren’t limited to the standard strapless gown. In winter, you’re able to think about long-sleeve gowns, deeper shades, heavier fabrics, and glamorous  accessories.

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In fact, according to the Telegraph, a recent surge in winter weddings is said to be impacting wedding attire, with more designers offering interesting coats, shawls and different colored dresses from the traditional white and ivory gowns bought by most brides.

j crew wedding fur vest Engaged? 6 Reasons to Consider a Winter Wedding

J. Crew’s gorgeous and unique idea for a winter bride.
Photo: Martha Stewart Weddings