Tips to Keep Skin Hydrated All Winter

Megan Segura
Sonia Kashuk's new body care line.

Sonia Kashuk’s new body care line.

While your summer skin routine might be light and breezy, it’s time to get serious now that cold weather is here. And it’s not just your face that needs more intense moisture. Your body needs to stay hydrated through the winter months. We asked makeup artist Sonia Kashuk — who just launched a bath and body collection — for her tips for keeping skin looking its best.

1. Update your regimen. 
“Updating your skincare regimen is important during the cold, winter months – creamy, hydrating formulas are essential,” says Kashuk. “I am always very big on applying lotions and potions year round but as the temperature drops I definitely amp up my arsenal and reach for even richer formulas to ensure smooth, soft skin.”

2. Exfoliate before you wash.
While we usually exfoliate after using a body wash, Kashuk says to do it the other way around. “I start by using an exfoliating paste, like my Exfoliating Body Polish ($10.99, all over my body in the morning, really scrubbing in a circular motion to slough off all the dead skin. Next I follow with a moisturizing wash like my Crème Body Wash ($8.99, to keep my clean without stripping it dry.”

3. Layer your moisturizers. 
“In the winter I switch to a heavier Body Butter ($10.99, from my line, sometimes even layering in my Body Oil ($10.99, first for double the impact. It’s also good to apply moisturizer again at night to keep skin quenched 24/7.”

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