Winter Remedies


This weekend I came down with my first cold of the season. It was nothing life threatening, but I had enough of a stuffy nose that I decided to stay in Saturday night and watch movies with my good friend Troy. While waiting for Troy to come over with his coveted collection of romantic comedies, I pulled out my wintertime cold remedies. My mom always gave me “weak tea and dry toast” when I felt sick, and I swear by that combo to this day. But it got me thinking about what else is essential to keep on-hand during these dry air, dry skin, dry hair months.

It is definitely important to switch out your shampoo for a milder version to keep your hair from getting too brittle. Same goes for your moisturizer, a rich moisturizer will protect your skin from the damaging radiator heat. And you always have to keep a good lip balm on had (Carol swears by this one from Caudalie). In addition to my staples, this season I’m going to be relying on Prescriptives All You Need+ For Eyes, a new eye gel-cream that really does keep your skin hydrated for a full 24 hours, and Diptyque’s Honey Holiday candle that has a warm, calming scent, because you can’t forget about your mental health.

Along with DVDs and chicken soup, Troy also brought over his fail-safe cold remedy: NyQuil (it’s tough to argue with success).

Clockwise from the left: Nyquil, $6.49, at; Diptyque Miel de Callune Candle – Holiday, $78, at; C.O. Bigalow Derma Remedy Intense Dry Skin Therapy Body Lotion, $18, at; Prescriptives All You Need+ For Eyes, $29.50, at; Stash green tea, $5.95, at; Cutler Extra Gentle Shampoo, $16, at; Caudalie lip conditioner, $12, at