How To Undo Winter Hair Damage

Shannon Farrell
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Photo: IMax Tree


Winters are brutal, and not just to our positivity: it also takes it’s toll on our beauty. If your hair is more dry, brittle and broken than it was back in October, you too have suffered from winter hair damage. But don’t fear. Winter-worn hair has plenty of cures, and while we wait for spring, our master stylists offer some brilliant haircare tips to re-beautify your locks!

To Revive Lacklustre Hair…

1. Shampoo Correctly.
Most shampoos strip and then condition the hair, making dryness and damage a daily cycle. Instead, use a sulfate and paraben-free formula and swap with a co-wash, like Head and Shoulder Moisture Care Co-Wash ($5), a few times a week. “You can use the co-wash on the days you don’t shampoo to cleanse and lock in moisture without using a shampoo,” says Head & Shoulders celebrity stylist Lacy Redway.

2. Get a Trim.
Do you clean out your closet every season? Think of this as the way to start fresh for your hair. “The best way to combat damaged hair is to regularly trim dry ends,” says Whiteney Fonseca, a stylist at Boston-based G2O Spa+Salon. “I recommend every 6-10 weeks depending on your styling routine.” The more often you use hot tools, the more frequent your trims should be.

3. Condition, Condition, Condition!
To rebuild moisture over time, add a leave-in conditioner (without damaging sulfates and parabens) to your weekly routine. “I like to always use a nourishing oil, like Kérastase Elixir Ultime Hair Oil ($56), on my mid lengths and ends to hydrate and treat the hair,” says Fonseca. “This will smooth and soften the hair, targeting dry split ends while adding shine and moisture.” Those with finer hair should wash out after 5-10 minutes while those with coarser hair can leave in all night and rinse in the morning.

To Camouflage Winter Damage…

1. Hide Split Ends Like A Pro.
“Use a round bristle brush,” says Redway. “Put hairspray on the brush and then roll the brush along the top area of your hair in a circular motion all the way down to the ends of your hair.” This smooths the entire strand and, in a sense, glues the strands together.

2. Tame Baby Hairs

Hair along the forehead is the most fragile and most susceptible to breakage. “An at-home hair hack is to use a toothbrush, along with a pomade or hairspray,” says Redway. “Apply the product to the toothbrush, brush it along the baby hair and this will lay them down. If you have a little extra time, use a thick elastic headband along your hairline for added pressure and let the product set for a few minutes.”

3. Soften Breakage
“Use a small amount of a matte paste, like Oribe Rough Luxury Soft Molding Paste ($36), emulsify a small amount into your hands and apply to any hair that may be standing up,” says Fonseca. This simple trick can work on any section of the hair. The key is to use less product the finer the hair.

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