6 Face Mists to Revitalize Sad Winter Skin

Megan Reynolds

Photo: ImaxTree

It may seem counter-intuitive to spray water on your face when the air outside is sharp and dry, but hear us out. Facial sprays are great for putting moisture back into dry, itchy winter skin while imparting the elusive glow that one normally doesn’t get in the cold, dark winter months. We rounded up some of the best out there, so throw ‘em in your bag when you’re headed out to all your winter activities. Trust us, your face will thank us later.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater ($12, mariobadescu.com)
Made with hydrating herbal essences and rosewater, this is a foolproof and affordable way to introduce yourself to the world of face mists. You can use it any time, but we find it works best right after you’ve finished applying powder. It sets your makeup and makes you look dewy without looking like you just ran a marathon.

Evian Face Mist ($17, sephora.com)
Yes, this is essentially just Evian water, like the kind that you get at a bodega, bottled in a fashion such that you can spray it on your face in a fine mist. Yes, you could achieve a similar effect by pouring a bottle of said water into a spray bottle… but after a long plane ride, there’s nothing better than spraying this on your face just before landing, and it’s pretty convenient, too.

Lush Breath of Fresh Air ($21.95, lushusa.com)
This is formulated with actual seawater, aloe vera, and essential oils like rose absolute, so not only does it feel lovely and soothing on your skin, but it also brings back memories of beachier times.

Fig + Yarrow Complexion Water ($34, figandyarrow.com)
This smells so great that you might want to use it as your perfume, hair mist, and whatever else, but it feels particularly delightful on the face. Keep it in your makeup bag and spritz it whenever you find yourself wilting under the buzz of fluorescent lights in your office.

Caudalie Organic Grape Water ($18, us.caudalie.com)
If you’ve made it this far, you know that face mists are pretty fantastic for refreshing your face, so it’s no surprise that this classic is a must-have. Unlike all the rest on this list, you can use this for a variety of other beauty applications—try it for taming flyaways, or use it before moisturizing to really help makeup stick.

Fresh Rose Floral Water ($38, sephora.com)
This multipurpose face mist works well for revitalizing your tired winter skin, but it also functions as a gentle toner. The rosewater in the formula soothes the skin, and puts the moisture winter has removed right back in.

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