Winter dryness


There are plenty of things to love about winter: cute clothes, hot chocolate, snuggling up by a nice fire and skiiing (even if you only stick to the bunny slopes). All of these things make you feel warm and fuzzy. That is until you look down and find that your hands are so chapped from the cold that the slightest movement of your thumb makes you writhe in pain.

I have this problem. When the cold weather descends, my hands become incredibly dry and scaley and I even get those “splits” at the corners of my fingers right by the nail,  mainly on my thumbs and index fingers. Not. Cute. My father has the same problem and he’s tried everything: Vitamin E, shea butter and every hand cream known to man. Nothing helps.

That is until he discovered Zim’s Crack Creme. Don’t worry, I totally acted like a 2-year old and laughed at the name too.

Originally developed for cement workers to help their dry hands and feet, Zim’s Crack Creme is an all-natural, herbal based formula that smells like cloves. Yum!

The Crack Creme comes in cream, gel and liquid form. My dad purchased the 2oz spray bottle for around $6.00. I put a few pumps on my hands before bed and the next morning there was definite improvement! I’ve been using Zim’s Crack Creme for a little over a week now and while I still have some dryness on my knuckles, the pesky splits that always plague my fingers to the point that I can barely type on my Blackberry, are no where in sight.


originalformula Winter dryness

I recommend giving this a shot if you’ve tried every dry hand remedy out there. At the most it will set you back only $6.00!

Let me know how it works out for you.