Winter Beauty Tips Care Of Jillian Dempsey

From a punchier lip color to essential skincare, Jillian Dempsey gives our friends at StyleCaster some key winter beauty tips.

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If you’re worried that your makeup gets a bit drab during the winter season (because lets be honest, when it’s 4 degrees all we care about is layers), you can rest a little easier. I chatted with Avon’s Global Creative Color Director Jillian Dempsey (and Patrick Dempsey’s wife), who gave me tips on mixing up your beauty routine during the winter and her holiday party go-to’s. And of course, I’m sharing it all below for you.

Make Your Lips Pop In The Winter
I’m recommending a new lipstick shade that I think everyone should move into this holiday season – I love this Poppy Love color and gloss lip duo — it’s the perfect red that can live through the holiday season and transition into the spring and summer, yet also give your lips that nice punchy shade they need.

Take Care Of Your Skin
I use my essential oils and then put on moisturizer, and then apply an SPF. Regular facials are also good – you have to find someone who is great and can work on your skin. My facialist would want me there every month, but I think if you go in every 6 weeks you’ll see results.

Play Up Your Eyes
Eyeliner and mascara are a great way to punch it up quickly for a holiday party after a day of work. For a little bit more drama use the eyeliner to draw it on the inner rim and put on a second coat of mascara — then pop on your new lipstick for a burst of color and you’re ready to go!

Don’t Throw Out Your Cork
The most unusual tip I’ve ever heard is actually for hair — for example if you have some roots and have darker hair or thinning hair in the front of your hairline — take a champagne cork, light a match, burn the cork to get an ashy film and use it on your finger, which provides coverage but it’s only a temporary fix of course, and best for people with darker hair. I’ve also heard that people used to take a match and burn it, rub eyeliner on it and then apply it to warm it up and make it creamier. I can’t believe people did this!


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