The Unexpected Way Winnie Harlow Uses Natural Oils in Her Skin-Care Routine

Winnie Harlow
Photo: Getty Images

Lately, in New York City, the weather has proved unable to make up its mind. One day we’re donning bikinis and SPF 50, and the next we’re wearing beanies on the subway. And although you might be headquartered on a different coast (or even in a different country), we all face a common enemy during the summer season: intense, sweat-inducing, pore-clogging heat.

Luckily for us, we don’t have to go it alone (thank you, internet). The latest in beating the summer heat to maintain a fresh-faced complexion comes from Canada-born model Winnie Harlow who was recently spotted at the 11th Annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic in New Jersey.

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According to W magazine, New Jersey was sporting a rather dry 90 degrees on the day of the event, which, as we know, does favors for no one. Harlow, however, stood out as fresh-faced and dewy amidst a crew of sweaty VIPs. When asked to share her skin-care routine, she admitted, “It’s a lot.” But, hey—if it makes you look like that on arguably the grossest day of the summer (so far)… it’s worth knowing.

Turns out, Harlow uses an unexpected product when she’s trying to save face: oils. “I take off my makeup with avocado oil and tone it with tea tree oil. Then I use an anti-aging oil, and rub that into my skin, and have a face cream, and so on and so forth,” she said.

According to users, the slippery quality of avocado oil helps to remove makeup smoothly, and without harsh chemicals that could leave your skin dry and cracking. And, as you may know, tea tree oil can be used for just about anything; in Harlow’s case, it’s used to clarify and mattify her skin after slathering on the avo.

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Although the routine is less than simple, it’s proven worthy for one of the industry’s top models. If it’s good enough for Harlow, it’s probably good enough for us! But keep in mind that no two skin types are exactly the same, and proceed with caution when testing out new products (especially if you have sensitive skin).

We fully expect a dewy glow to take center stage in the beauty industry this summer—’tis the season to go au naturel, after all! So until next time, keep calm and glow on.