Reasons Why Your Skin Still Isn’t Clear Yet

Augusta Falletta

clear skin

As much as you Google “How to get rid of acne,” there are certain habits you may have that are keeping your skin from being clear. Try as you may you could be sabotaging your own skin, and that’s why your skin still isn’t clear yet. To help you get the smooth, glowing skin you want, we’ve rounded up a list of reasons why your skin is still suffering so you can work to fix them!

Touching your face: Every time you touch your face, you’re instantly putting dirt, bacteria and oils onto your skin. Even if you’ve washed your hands recently, you’ve likely touched your cell phone, which is a pool of germs. Hands off your face all the time, no matter what, and you’ll see results.

No consistency: Once you find a product you like to use on your skin, stick with it. Consistency is key, so make sure that whatever you’re doing, you’re using it both morning and night (or simply at night, depending on your skin), so that the formula can actually work on your skin. These things take time!

Using the wrong formula: Do you have dry skin? Oily skin? Are you using benzoyl peroxide products for acne? What about salicylic acid? Get to know your skin type so that you can use the right products. If you’re not sure what type of skin you have, talk to your dermatologist.

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Your products are expired: This goes equally for acne products or makeup products, which can clog pores. Expired products will not only not work, they’ll likely do more harm than good. The next time you buy a new product you’ll be using on your face, use a permanent marker to write the date of purchase on the bottom of the bottle so you’ll know when it’s time to toss it.

Dirty pillowcase: To make sure you’re not sleeping on the oil from your own face, switch out your pillowcase once a week.

You’re stressed: Stress is a notorious acne culprit, and if even if you’re doing everything right with your skin, stress can get in the way. Try to banish stress or find simple ways to relax, like yoga or meditation, to go stress free.

You haven’t changed your diet: Slow to cut out the sugars in your diet? They’re what could be causing breakouts, and the sooner you cut out the greasy, sugary foods, the sooner your skin will clear up.

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You’re not washing your face before and after working out: Yes, before and after working out. Skip makeup at the gym and wash your face immediately after you workout while your pores are still open and before sweat dries and clogs your pores.

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