Why You Should Never Let Your Guy Cut Your Hair

Rachel Adler

Name: Tressa Degiorgi

Agency/Salon: ION Studio

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ/ Key West, FL

Current Neighborhood: Soho

What brands/salons have you worked for? Aveda, Tigi, Toni & Guy, Redken, L’Oreal, Cutler, Davines, ION Studio

What is your favorite shampoo or conditioner? I love Coco from Bumble and bumble and I love Davines.

Hairspray? Davines Invisible, L’Oreal Elnett, Bumble and bumble Classic.

Styling product? For myself I don’t use much. I use Morrocan Oil or Oleo Relax by Kerastase. On set I use Davines’ volume mousse.

What is your best hair tip for women? Don’t force it, i.e. if your hair is curly, don’t kill yourself straightening everyday. If you have cowlicks or hate hair in your face, don’t cut bangs. Go with it…your hair will only do what it wants in the end.

What do you think was the worst hair trend of all time? Perms, crunchy curls, and mall bangs.

Have you personally ever had a hair disaster? Long story; I once dated a coworker, he was an egotistical hairdresser that didn’t listen to what I wanted. He used me as a demo model, which means there was no mirror in front of me. I ended up with a hideous haircut! The only time I ever cried; I asked him to fix it and it turned out shorter and worse the second time. I got extensions the next day and we broke up.