5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Mousse in Your Hair

Ashley Okwuosa
woman using hair mousse

Photo by Peter Nicholson/Getty Images

The myths about mousse are plenty, but what if we told you that mousse could be one of the best products that ever happened to your hair — if you use it right? For years, many girls have the assumption that mousse just makes your hair feel crunchy or sticky, but with the introduction of some of the latest products on the market, mousse has become a secret weapon of sorts. Below are five reasons why you should give mousse a shot. Trust us, you’ll be buying it in bulk once you try it once.

1. Seal in your curls: Unlike gel, mousse works on giving you a lighter hold. It doesn’t weigh down the hair and give it that gelled down look, but it does provide just enough hold for versatility when styling. Start by applying a golf ball sized amount of mousse to damp hair before blowing dry, then hit it with a curling iron to really give your curls hold. If you’re going for heat-free styling, it’ll give your natural curls more definition.

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2. Get volume: Want to know the secret to voluminous hair? It’s all about the mousse. Focus on applying some mousse at the root of your hair, and blow dry from root up, pulling the hair upwards to dry instead of aiming the blow dryer down. This’ll give your hair the volume you’re looking for.

3. Texture and definition: The great thing about mousse is that it works great for all hair types. Thin, thick, curly, natural, and everything in between, mousse works with your natural texture to enhance it a bit. If you have waves or curls, they’ll look wavier and curlier after mousse. If you have straight hair, it’ll be fuller with mousse.

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4. Weightless hold: If you’re a fan of braids and updos, you need some mousse in your life. With mousse, you’ll get the right amount of hold and lift for updos, keeping your look in place without the need for hairspray after you’ve styled your hair.

5. Frizz no more: Mousse works to provide a smooth, frizz-free hold, without the thickness that comes with cream or the stickiness that can come with hairspray.