6 Reasons Why You Should Be Embracing Your Lip Liner

Victoria Moorhouse


Tubes and tubes of lipstick are probably happily sitting together in a small collection on the bottom of your purse, and there’s a good reason for their occupancy there. Lipstick is back, and after the gloss-dominated decade of the early 2000s, beauty enthusiasts and brands alike are celebrating this staple by wearing and producing tubes of various colors and finishes. The thought of adding another lip product to your collection (let alone your bag) might seem humorously unnecessary (considering you have just about every variation of red lipstick currently available), but we ask you to please pause and consider the thought of investing in lipstick’s talented sister—the lip liner pencil.

Maybe even more so than lipstick, lip liner is the subject of a lot of beauty buzz. Kylie Jenner‘s lips have been said to be the result of this well-placed product, and while it has a reputation of being kind of 90s, there isn’t a color cosmetics product that is more relevant right now. Hey, if we welcomed back overalls,  it’s only fair you give lip liner a chance. So why are we suggesting you start indulging in this product? Lip liner has the ability to boost your lipstick game, can be used by itself, among other amazing qualities. The list below should give you the gist.

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It Helps Prevent Smudging
Think of it like a boundary line for your lipstick. By applying lip liner, you’ll greatly decrease the chance of the color slipping off your lips and onto your skin—which is one of the most common makeup faux pas that you don’t usually notice when it happens until you glance in a mirror… an hour later. A thin line around the perimeter of your lips is really all it takes. Picking a color that’s almost identical (or even a little lighter) will blend into your lipstick color and will prevent you from copying that not-so-cute 80s look, where the liner was actually darker than the pigment of the lipstick.

It Creates an Awesome Matte Look, All By Itself
Finally found a lipstick that’s not too shiny yet still super pigmented? Lucky you, as it can be difficult to find a lipstick promotes this look. When you have yet to find this, reach for your lip liner. Simply line your lips and then fill in the space with the pencil. If you use a creamier formula like e.l.f’s Studio Lip Liner and Blending Brush, blending this look will be even easier.

And That Look Barely Even Smudges
Remember how we said that lip liner helps prevent lipstick from bleeding on your skin? If you’re still worried about a look bleeding, try creating the entire look with liner. It locks into place like none other—and most liners are super pigmented, which means you’ll be wearing color all day long.

Fuller Lips
Applying lip liner also makes your lips appear plumper and fuller by highlighting the feature. After applying your foundation, dust your lips with the same brush or one that’s lightly coated with powder or some form of foundation. Start lining your lips and blend in your lip color. If you have any stray marks of color around your lips, take a Q-tip with makeup remover to wipe it off. Apply concealer or powder around to smooth our your complexion. Getting your skin to an even state is really key in order to see the effects.

You Won’t Have to Buy As Many
While there are a thousand variations of lipstick colors (rose, dusty rose, pink rose, creamy rose—you get it, right?), lip liner pencils don’t generally come in as many colors. That’s because they can be paired with a ton of hues. It’s all in the blending of the product and lightly applying around the perimeter. Just make sure to match your liner to the color as closely as possible. Even if it is a little off (think rose liner and neon pink lipstick), your lipstick color should be saturated enough to mask it. With that being said, if you’re going for a nude lipstick look, never choose a liner that’s darker than the color you really want to show off.

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They’re Pretty Easy to Fix When They’re Dull
Whether the tube of lipstick snapped in half or it melted under heat and is now in remnants on the bottom of your handbag, we’ve all had to throw out a lip hue too soon. The problem with lip liner is that, similar to liner for your eyes, it gets dull after continual use. Many lip liners come with sharpeners, allowing you to quickly fix that situation. Brands are now even formulating these products in a screw-up form to eliminate this hassle.