Why Cream Foundation Belongs In Your Makeup Kit

Angelica Di Guglielmo


Cream foundations are no longer a thing of the past. You’re probably flinching in horror thinking about that thick, heavy pancake makeup you used to see back in the day–but times have changed. Talk to most professional makeup artists today and you will quickly discover that cream foundations are an absolute staple in their kit–and for a good reason. While we love foundations of all types–liquids, powders, airbrush, you name it–cream foundations are actually one of the most versatile products out there. So if you’ve never tried them, it’s time to check them out. Read on to find out just what cream foundations can do for you.

Crazy pigmentation
Cream foundations are packed with way more pigment than liquid foundations. Products like RCMA’s Cream Foundations are made with 50% pigment which means you can say goodbye to using a separate concealer. With just one product, you can even out your skin, hide dark circles and cover blemishes in one easy step.

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Customizable Coverage
If full-on coverage isn’t your thing, don’t be scared. The beauty about cream foundations is that you can actually sheer them out with some moisturizer to get a lighter coverage. One product for any type coverage you need? Score.

Custom shade, contour and highlight all in one
Most cream foundation come in palettes with multiple shades, like Graftobian’s HD Glamour Creme Palettes. This means cream foundations are perfect for custom mixing your perfect shade, as well as being able to have both a contour and highlight color all in the same place. And as an added bonus, the palettes are compact, easy to travel with, and mess free.

More play time
Ever apply your foundation, look at it a few minutes later and notice there’s a spot that isn’t blended so well? At this point your foundation is probably set and you have to go and add more product on top to correct the problem. Unlike liquids, powders and airbrush formulas, with cream foundations you actually have more play time to blend and move your foundation around. So no need to worry about splotches.

Longer wear
Cream foundations contain ingredients that are less sensitive to the temperature, which creates a flawless base that is less prone to wearing off and moving around throughout the day. Result? A flawless face for longer!

Perfect for all skins
We know what you’re probably thinking. “Creams sound too heavy for my dry skin!” or “Creams seem too greasy for my oily skin!” But don’t feel intimidated. Once you learn how to work with cream foundations and find an application method that suits you, they will work on any skin type. Try it for yourself!

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