Wherefore art thou Ronny (Cammareri)?


Tuesday night, I was treated to a night at the Philharmonic. Going to Lincoln center, be it to visit the symphony, ballet, or opera, is one of my all time favorite New York activities. Pretending to be Cher in Moonstruck, getting lost in the music, and musing about the experience over a late night dinner could not be any more romantic.

This Tuesday was extra special because La Vida Breve was being performed, complete with a classical guitarist and flamenco dancer (pictured above). Once she started dancing it was as if the entire audience became entranced. She was unbelievably graceful, yet deliberate, and her physique was really, truly incredible. The best part about her stage prescence, however, was the way her hair was pulled back into the chicest chignon. I might just have to be a flamenco dancer for Halloween. I’ll use my favorite styling product, Cutler’s Fly-Away Control Stick to style my hair and search the bins for a ruffle dress at the Fort Greene flea market this weekend…



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