This Is the One Place You Should Never Put Conditioner

Rachel Krause
conditioner 4 This Is the One Place You Should Never Put Conditioner

Photo: Salvador Benítez San José/Getty Images

It’s definitely not a bad thing to be generous with your conditioner application, especially if you have dry or damaged hair. But just because conditioner is necessary to keep hair healthy doesn’t mean it’s impossible to go overboard. Yes, there is a wrong way to condition.

If your hair tends to fall flat or seems to get oily faster than it should, your approach to conditioning could very well be to blame. Want full, voluminous strands that don’t get lank and greasy just hours post-wash? Stop conditioning your roots. “If your hair is fine or thin, the nutrients from conditioner will weigh the root down. Throw in a naturally oily scalp, and your root area won’t have any volume,” Kitty Nadel, color director at Ted Gibson, warned SheFinds. “Your hair will almost look wet by midday.” We’ll pass.

Instead, you should be shampooing your whole head, roots and all, and focusing conditioner toward the ends, where your hair actually needs it. “Remember: That’s the hair that has been with you the longest, so it needs nourishment,” Nadel explains.

If you have a crazy dry scalp or super-thick, unmanageable hair, you can get away with conditioning closer to your roots … but if you start noticing that telltale greasiness, it shouldn’t be hard to figure out why.

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