6 Times to Wear Lipstick (And 4 Times You Never Should)

Augusta Falletta

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We’re firm believers that bold lipstick can make your life better. It’s an accessory cheaper than most, a confidence booster and the possibilities are endless when it comes to color options. Once you find your signature shade of bold lipstick, the world better watch out! However, there are a few choice times when bold lipstick can get in the way of life. To help you decide on when to wear and when to ditch bold lipstick, we give you this list of six times to swipe it on, and four times to put lipstick back in the makeup bag.

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When It’s Perfectly Appropriate to Wear Bold Lipstick

  • When You’re Wearing Glasses: Though eye makeup with glasses might be a bit tricky, lipstick can be your best friend when it comes to standing out in your spectacles. We especially love the look above, but you can wear the look year-round with colors like coral, fuchsia and wine.
  • Heading to Brunch With the Girls: If brunch isn’t the time to test drive some beauty trends, we don’t know what is. We suggest taking a new lipstick out for its maiden voyage and getting the straight scoop from your friends on whether it’s hot or horrible.
  • That Presentation at Work or School: Lipstick is a known confidence booster, so if you need an extra nudge when it comes to public speaking, go for a powerful shade of lipstick (we suggest a rich red).
  • Going on a Third Date: On a first date, there are a few things to avoid. Namely, having lipstick on your teeth, and looking like you’re high maintenance. If you never leave the house without lipstick, go ahead and swipe it on, but stick to quieter, more neutral shades until you’re on solid footing with your date. If you’re going anywhere eating is involved, worry about one less thing by avoiding a hot pink mess on your face.
  • Visiting Your Family Back Home: When you move out of your house to pursue your dreams, there’s something about going back home to visit that makes you want to look your best. Call it wanting to show mom and dad that  you’re doing well, but considering how fantastic lipstick can make you look, we say apply away!
  • On Your Wedding Day: Is there anything more chic than a classic bride wearing a retro red lip? We think not, and as long as your lipstick stays put and won’t transfer onto your dress, you’ll be looking at your wedding photos in 20 years not regretting it one bit.

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When You Should Stay Away From Bold Lipstick

  • When You’re Also Wearing a Smokey Eye: We love a good smokey eye, but if you’re wearing a bold lipstick, stick to a minimalist look up top to balance things out. Switching up your makeup is a ton of fun, but heed the “less is more” rule to avoid looking overdone.
  • While You’re Shopping: The exception to this rule is when you’re shoe shopping, but stick to as little makeup as possible while trying on clothing. Pulling a shirt or dress over your head and getting lipstick on the fabric can ruin a piece whether you’re buying it or not. You’ll either have to clean the stain once you buy the piece or the lucky lady who’s actually buying it will need to deal.
  • Meeting the Potential In-Laws: Similar to shying away from the lipstick on a first date, an extremely bold lip can look like you’re trying too hard to someone who doesn’t know you yet. Plus, if any eating is involved, you risk getting lipstick on your teeth and/or chin. After you meet the parents and test the waters a bit, going bold with your lip will come naturally.
  • At a Funeral: Simply out of respect, keep out of the spotlight in this somber setting, even if you’ve worn fire engine red lipstick every day for the past 10 years.

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