What’s Your Trick?


The other day I was standing at the front desk with my guest as she was getting ready to pay the bill. I am usually with my next guest when the previous is paying so normally I am not around for this part of the salon visit. She asked for the total and it was around $800. She took out her credit card and said to Karl (one of our client coordinators) “Put $250 on the card and I will pay the rest in cash.” She must have seen the curious look on my face because she explained that her husband never questions her salon visits if they are under $300 so for as many years as she can remember she has always only paid for the portion her husband sees (the credit card statement) with her card and the rest cash! This scenario had me wondering; what are the tricks women do to have the salon experience they want without getting into an argument about it at home or work.

Of course I got many responses to the question. There was a lot of answers like they were going to a doctor’s appointment or there was a daycare emergency or that a repair man was coming to the apartment and they needed to be home for it. I was glad to know that not only do I color hair, I am also known as Dr. Backe!

The award for most creative has to go to “Jane”. Jane works at a very popular magazine. She found it very difficult to find the time for her color and haircut with Ted and me. On the day of her appointment she would bring an extra sweater and an extra handbag to work. When it was time to leave for her salon appointment she would change the settings on her screensaver, leave the lights on in her office and strategically place her extra sweater and handbag in a conspicuous place – then sneak out of the office. Anytime people would ask “Where is Jane” the response was “She must be around, all of her stuff is still here”! Genius!! As long as she always had her blackberry she was golden!!!

What tricks have you done to make it to your color appointment? LMK.

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