The Fat-Shaming ‘What’s Your Excuse’ Mom Was (Briefly) Banned From Facebook

Julie Gerstein

curvy28n 1 web 1 The Fat Shaming Whats Your Excuse Mom Was (Briefly) Banned From Facebook

Does the name Maria Kang ring a bell? If not, you might know her by another moniker, the “What’s Your Excuse” mom. The mother of three made waves earlier this year after a photo of herself and her three young children went viral, and featured Kang showing off her toned, flat stomach.

People were not happy with the tone of her post, claiming that she was trying to make other women feel bad about their bodies. Kang, for her part, said that wasn’t her goal. Instead, said the 32-year-old professional fitness trainer, she was simply trying to motivate other women to take care of themselves.

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“We need to change this strange mentality we are breeding in the U.S. and start celebrating people who are a result of hard work, dedication and discipline. I’m not bashing those who are proud and overweight, I am empowering those who are proud and healthy to come out and be the real role models in our society,” said Kang. 

But more recently, Kang got into a bit more trouble while taking on Curvy Girl Lingerie, a lingerie company that exclusively sells to plus-size women. Kang got into such a tizzy about the Curvy Girl campaign, that she took to Facebook and wrote a rant.

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“The popular and unrelenting support received to those who are borderline obese (not just 30-40lbs overweight) frustrates me as a fitness advocate who intimately understands how poor health negatively effects a family, a community and a nation,” Kang wrote. “While I think it’s important to love and accept your body, I was a little peeved because I think that we’re normalizing obesity in our society.”.

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Just three hours after her post went up, Facebook took it down, after someone claimed her writing was “hate speech.” According to Kang, she was denied access to Facebook for 48 hours before having her account reinstated.

Facebook now says that the “ban” was a mistake, and has fully restored her account, though Kang’s Curvy Girl Lingerie rant still hasn’t been recovered to her Facebook page. She’s been told she’s welcome to recreate it if she wants to, but the original post is gone. “It’s never my intention to say someone should look a certain way.” Kang said. “But I am not going to stand here and say being obese is okay and we should accept that as the norm.”