What Your Sleeping Habits Say About Your Sex Life

how sleep habits impact your sex life

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Do you sleep on your stomach, your back, or do you prefer to snuggle up close to your partner after dark? You might think it doesn’t matter, but sleeping behaviors like these can actually say a lot about you. Or, in particular, your sex life.

A series of recent studies and surveys have unmasked some pretty telling information about how the way you sleep can impact your sex and love life—from how often you have sexual dreams, to how easily you’re able to feel turned on.

Read on to see what your sleeping habits say about you.

1. You’re someone who always get enough shut-eye.
If you’re someone who prioritizes getting eight solid hours of sleep every night above just about everything else, it’s likely your bed isn’t only used for snoozing. Studies have shown that a woman’s sex drive is impacted by how much sleep she gets (duh), and one experiment involving 171 college women found that with every additional hour of rest, the likelihood of getting up to some sexual activity with a partner increased by 14 percent.

The same experiment discovered that well-rested ladies were more easily turned on—so, it might be time to rethink an earlier bed time.

2. You regularly snuggle with your significant other.
If you like to sleep in constant contact with your partner, you’re probably happy with the relationship. One study found that 94% of couples who spend the night spooning, stroking, or cuddling are more likely to report heightened satisfaction in all areas of their relationship.

3, You sleep on your stomach.
Stomach sleepers are more prone to having their sleep interrupted with dirty dreams—yes, really. Calvin Kai-Ching Yu, a professor at the Shue Yan University, conducted an experiment that explores the effects our sleeping positions have on our dreams.

After interviewing 670 college students (two-thirds were women), those who slept on their front reported feeling sensations related to sex more frequently than those sleeping in other positions.

Yu thinks that the increase in sexual thoughts could come down to one simple thing: When you sleep on your stomach, you’re not getting as much air, which might trigger the unconscious brain to imagine being constricted as the result of external stimuli (read: sexy times.)

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4. You’re always on your phone—even in bed
If you’re staring at your smartphone screen all day—even when it’s time to ind down and get to sleep—you’re likely to be less sexually active.

A small study found that men who use their mobiles for over four hours a day are more likely to suffer from impotence than guys keeping use down to under two hours a day. A separate survey found almost three quarters of coupled-up women think that smartphones are interfering with their love life.

Bottom line: If you want to improve your sex life, you and your partner might want to try out a digital detox.

5. Your man doesn’t get enough sleep
Even if you’re diligent about getting an early night whenever possible, if your guy doesn’t get enough sleep, it’s probably slowing down your sex life. A study from the University of Chicago found men who don’t get enough sleep can experience plummeting testosterone, in turn making them less likely to be in the mood for other, slightly more active bedroom activities.

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