What Your Nails Say About You

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What Your Nails Say About You
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Whether you’re a nail nudist or you’re constantly on the hunt for the newest nail art techniques, you have to admit it: nail art is just about the most fun thing ever to Pin and Re-Pin. Granted, most of us can’t free hand a tribal manicure without blinking, and though all like to think we can do our nails on our own, we inevitably end up with polish on our cuticles and smudges faster than you can say “top coat.” Still, we all love a good manicure, and we all have that one friend who can actually wield a polish brush that we hound to do our nails as often as possible.

No matter the kind of nail polish, nail wraps, or designs you wear, each manicure says something different. The French tip gives off a classy feel, while the stiletto manicure is a dead giveaway that you’re a fan of Rihanna and/or Khloe Kardashian Odom. We rounded up 10 manicures and decoded what they mean, so you can officially learn what your nails say about you (and all of your friends). Take a look, laugh, and tell us which manicure you wear in the comments below!

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The Reality TV Junkie. The stiletto nail, made popular by Khloe Kardashian Odom, Kylie Jenner and Rihanna is way easier "liked" than done. In real life, you may accidentally scratch yourself with these claws, but that's okay, because you're a pinch closer to your favorite reality TV (and music) stars with these nails. 

Image via Pinterest; Source: Crystal Asteroids.

Photo: Stiletto sweetie.

The Wild Child. Between the crazy geometric patterns and fun colors, you're all about this manicure. You're saying, "Hey, world, I'm not afraid to leave my comfort zone!" This manicure is practically a party on your nails, and everyone around you takes note.

Image via Pinterest; Source: Young, Wild and Polished.

Photo: Wild child.

The "Charlotte York."You're all about the nude manicure and the French manicure, and on particularly special occasions, you'll go for a burgundy red. You live a classy lifestyle and you've got at least one pair of pearl earrings in your jewelry box. 

Imagine via Pinterest; Source: Salon Style.

Photo: Simple nude.

The Nail Art Newbie. You've got Pinterest boards chock full of nail art, but you couldn't draw your way out of a paper bag - even if you could manage some art with your right hand, there's no way you could match it on the other hand. A glitter gradient manicure is just what you need: simple, pretty nail art that looks like a ton of work went into it. This particular manicure looks perfect in a black and gold color combination.

Image via Pinterest; Source: Fab Fashion Fix

Photo: Glitter gradient.

The Fashionista. Matte manicures are a trend enough, but when you add the half moon manicure spotted on the Ruffian runway, you know you're a fashionista, sticking to the trends of the moment and wearing them with confidence. 

Image via Pinterest; Source: Grape Fizz Nails.

Photo: Matte moon.

The Kid at Heart. If you bought a mini nail polish set full of neons, there's no way you're wearing just one color at once. Your nails practically glow in the dark, and you can help but smile when you look down at your nails.

Image via Pinterest; Source: Norma and Lou.

Photo: Bright and bold.

The Queen of Nail Art. You're incredibly talented with a nail polish brush and your friends constantly beg you to do their nails. Your nail art Instagrams constantly get double tapped, and nothing makes you more excited than a fun new technique. 

Image via Pinterest; Source: Disco Nail.

Photo: Pop-Art Princess.

The "I'll Try Anything Once" Girl. Textured nails are the biggest trend to happen to nail art since the nail wrap, and with polishes like caviar, leather, velvet and more, you need to try them all at least one time, right? 

Image via Pinterest; Source: The Polishaholic.

Photo: Textured terrific.

The Diva. You're a star and your nails should be too, so the more bling, the better! Pile on the rhinestones and pearls for a manicure that will turn heads. 

Image via Pinterest; Source: Etsy.

Photo: 3D diva.

The Busy Bee. Your iCal is always overbooked and you're constantly packing power bars in your purse because you're always on the go. Nail polish only makes an appearance on your hands when you've got an incredibly important event coming up, but besides that, you have no time for chips, smudges or heading to the nail salon. 

Image via Pinterest; Source: Tattooed Tea Lady

Photo: Tattooed Tealady/Tattooed Tealady

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