5 Things to Know About Fashion Darling Selah Marley

5 Things to Know About Fashion Darling Selah Marley
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Last night’s CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards were attended by some of today’s biggest and brightest fashion stars, but one stood out above the rest, both literally and figuratively. While A-listers like Nicki Minaj, Ashley Graham, and Karlie Kloss delivered outstanding (but mostly predictable) fashion on the red carpet, up and comer Selah Marley stunned alongside CFDA award recipient, Telfar Clemens. The 18-year-old paired her body-hugging Telfar frock with a beautiful, towering ponytail that she ideated alongside hairstylist Raheem Robinson.

“[We] were looking at African tribal looks,” the 18-year-old told Vogue. “He suggested we try a ponytail at first, but then the idea of bubbles just came to me and we went for it—because, why not?”

Selah Marley

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And just like that, Marley became one of the night’s most talked about moments, although this isn’t her first foray into the spotlight. Her face may look familiar, but if you can’t quite remember where you’ve seen her before, keep reading for five things to know about the burgeoning model.

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Her Parents are Music Royalty

Selah is the spitting image of her mother, Grammy Award-winning rapper and singer Lauryn Hill. Her father is Rohan Marley, the sixth child born to reggae legend Bob Marley and Janet Hunt. Although Selah’s parents are no longer together (they share a total of five children), both remain extremely close to their daughter. In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Selah called Hill her “best friend” and said her best career advice has been to “remain tactful.”

“Her mother [Lauryn Hill] has been in the industry for a long time, and seeing her go through it and having that education keeps her grounded,” said Rohan Marley in a recent interview with The New Post. “None of us [have to work] to keep her grounded. She’s a young lady, but I feel like she’s free to live and explore and travel the world.”

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Modeling is her Dream Job

Although she’s barely out of high school, Selah has spoken time and time again about her desire to model from a young age.

“I truly found myself beautiful and thought that I had the potential to model,” she said in a March 2017 interview with Harper’s Bazaar, “so I always would do little poses in the mirror and things; but I never expected it to come to this.”

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Her Career is Off to a Fast Start

2017 has been a landmark year for the catwalk newbie, who has already walked in shows for Kanye West and Karl Lagerfeld, in addition to booking high profile print campaigns with Beyoncé’s Ivy Park, Calvin Klein, and Rag & Bone. And although her parents are a huge part of music history, she still gets starstruck, and even admitted to having a moment while working the latest Yeezy show.

“I’m sure [Kanye] and my mom have met, but I’d never met him,” she told Vanity Fair. “The last show, my heart felt like it was about to fall out of my chest, but I just had to tell him, ‘Yo, honestly, you’re one of my biggest inspirations!’ ”

She Can Sing, Too

When she’s not listening to her mother’s legendary “Unplugged” album like the rest of us, Selah is tiptoeing her way into the music industry as well. Earlier this year, she premiered her first-ever single with W Magazine.

“My music is super vulnerable, raw, and intimate. I have a super deep passion for music but no one would ever know that because it’s not something I show to the public,” she said.

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Her Biggest Fashion Influence is Rihanna

Oh, and like any other human with blood running through their veins, she stans for Rihanna and frequently uses her as style inspiration.

“I think my mom for one is incredibly fashionable. She’s the one who exposed me to the fashion world simply because of everything that she has,” she told Vogue. “I also love Rihanna. I think she’s dope. I love the way she dresses up. I have a million screenshots of her in my phone. If I had to give it to anyone, I’d give it to those two people.”

Prepare to see more of Selah this year and try to keep up with her busy modeling schedule on Instagram.