6 Essential Products For Your Hair Emergency Kit

Sable Yong

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Hair emergencies: we’ve all had them. Sometimes your I-actually-had-time-to-do-this style collapses halfway through your day. Sometimes you oversleep and get stuck with the hair version of “I woke up like this…no, really.” And sometimes, no matter what tools you use, you’re just having a crappy hair day.

Whichever fate befalls you, remember the official beauty lover’s mantra—be prepared. Sure, keeping a spare hair-tie and a scattered collection of bobby-pins in your bag is a good start, but what about when your hair is beyond out of control? That’s where these amazing products come in. Though our desks are covered with hair products (perk of the job), when we find ourselves in a hairy situation, these are the ones we always reach for.

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Elnett hairspray Travel


Hairspray is a pretty obvious pick. You can use it to secure a hairstyle, keep your baby hairs from wilding out, and deflate any surface frizzies as well as keep a curl from unfurling. We love the classic Elnett because of its hard-working formula that feels super light, and the super-fine mist that can cover our whole dome in one shoosh and prevents us from over-doing it in a panicked moment of SOS hair-spraying.

(L’Oreal Elnett hair spray 2.2oz, $6.99, Drugstore.com)


bumble and bumble dont blow it mini 6 Essential Products For Your Hair Emergency Kit


Packing hair products on vacation can be harrowing; what are the odds there will even BE a blow-dryer where you’re going? Fear not—if your vacation means you’re also taking a break from heat-styling, this air-dry styler from Bumble & Bumble is the ticket. It’s a light hair lotion that you apply on damp towel-dried and then finger-style how you like for frizz-free mold-able strands that don’t feel gunked-up. It also works great on dry hair to add a bit of grip or taming.

(Bumble & Bumble Don’t Blow It Hair Styler 2 fl oz, $14, Sephora


klorane oat dry shampoo 150 6 Essential Products For Your Hair Emergency Kit


We aren’t sure how we lived without dry shampoo, and we’ve officially crowned Klorane queen. With their gentle oat milk formula, it soaks up all the grease from our hair and keeps it away without making our hair feel like it’s coated in a rubber dust like lots of dry shampoos are apt to.

(Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo 1 oz, $9, Drugstore.com)


Amika Might Mini Titanium Stylier

For the heat-dependent, this sneaky little straightener from Amika fits inside this cool holographic clutch it comes with. Seriously, it’s the smallest thing. Which is great for straightening bangs, ends, your whole head—or you can flick your wrist to give yourself curls and waves. We love doing curly styles with a hair straightener, making this the ultimate on-the-go heat styling tool, not to mention a savior for days when that one cow-lick just won’t quit.

(amika Mighty Mini Titanium Styler, $29, Sephora)

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one n only argan oil three four ounce 416x416 6 Essential Products For Your Hair Emergency Kit

Hair oil is pretty much the nectar of life for fried, damaged and dry hair. Just a drop can do wonders for frizz and split ends. Argan oil is our go-to for just that purpose, and this little vial of argan oil not only does the job of quenching your hair, it has that heavenly musky warm scent of moroccan argan oil. Instant hair perfume!

(One’n Only Argan Oil Oil Treatment, $11.99, Ulta)

redken frizz dismiss 6 Essential Products For Your Hair Emergency Kit


You know that old DIY technique of using dryer sheets to calm staticky hair? This Redken product has the same idea, but for frizz. These frizz dismiss sheets take those unruly suckers down in a few swipes. We just don’t recommend throwing any of these in the dryer with your clothes.

(Redken Frizz Dismiss Fly-Away Fix, $25, Ulta)