What the Shape of Your Lipstick Tube Says About You

Amanda Elser

We’ve always said that a person’s beauty routine says a lot about who they are, but now there is an actual scientific hypothesis to back up our theory.

The beauty blog Addicted to All Things Pretty featured five different lipstick tubes and a synopsis about what each shape would say about your personality.

Rachel and I both looked in our own makeup bags and it seems as if we both agreed we would be “The Power Women” (pictured above). I say it is because I like to keep my lipstick at a point so I don’t have to use lip liner, while Rachel claims she never uses one tube often enough to shift the composition. Either way, we definitely think they are on to something.

If your lipstick is one of these shapes send us a picture! We’d love to see someone who actually has “The Daredevil” (pictured below).

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