What Makes Women Want Boob Jobs?

Amanda Elser

Since it was discovered that over 300,000 women received faulty breast implants from the companyPoly Implant Prothese (PIP) many women were left regretting their choice to go under the knife. After it was uncovered that the implants were filled with industrial-grade silicone (the stuff that fills cheap mattresses) and could potentially cause cancer, hundreds of thousands of women went running to the doctors to get them removed, but why did they even get them in the first place?

It’s the same reason millions of women get nose jobs, tummy-tucks and face-lifts — to feel better about themselves. It is no secret that society plays a huge impact on how women view themselves. From magazine covers to runway shows, a lot of what we see makes us feel downright bad about ourselves.

In an editorial written by the Daily Mail, they discuss why breast implants are the “norm” in England. And while the French government paid to have the faulty implants removed from their citizens, the British government was less inclined to act saying that “the failure rate for these implants was less than one percent.”

But the estimated 50,000 women who received these implants in England have to be a bit concerned about the ticking time-bombs in their chests.

The sad truth is that plastic surgery is no longer an uncommon occurrence and nowadays there are more and more incentives for women to opt for different procedures. A quick Google search alone of “Discounted Boob Jobs” turned up pages and pages of results.

We don’t condemn anyone who wants to get a little work done, we just hope that they are doing it for the right reasons, and not simply to please their significant others, and because they found a good deal.

What do you think?

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